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Microsoft Works Modules

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Becoming Familiar with the Buttons
A tutorial on Microsoft Works 4.0 word processing. An overview of the toolbar buttons and tool palette is included in this lesson.

Using the Tool Palette

Quite a bit can be done with the Works Tool Palette, if only you knew what all of those buttons were for. This page gives a brief introduction
of the buttons and their function.

Becoming Familiar with the Menu Items

Each of the seven menu items in Microsoft Works is displayed and some of the more common uses of the commands found there are given.

Creating a flyer

Step by step instructions for producing a one page document in landscape orientation are given in this lesson.

Create a database - Macintosh

Basic steps for creating a database in Microsoft Works can be found on this page.

Create a database -Windows/PC

Basic steps for creating a database in Microsoft Works can be found on this page.

Begin entering data into the new database

This lesson follows creating of the database, and gives tips for entering data.

Design the look of the new database

Microsoft Works allows database users to enter data into a standard set of cells arranged in rows and columns. However, you may also design
the look of your database and this page give instructions on how to do that.

See examples of designed databases

Four examples of designed database formats used in a science classroom are shown here.

Suggested uses of a database

This lesson presents how to sort data, and how to use mail merge to produce a certificate.

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